New Aluthermo RoofReflex underlay from Novia

Kent-based building membrane specialist Novia has launched Aluthermo RoofReflex, a unique insulated breathable underlay solution for use within roof and wall constructions. RoofReflex further complements Novia’s product range which includes Vapour Control Layers, Vapour Permeable Membranes, Gas Barriers and BS 1521 Building Papers.

Aluthermo RoofReflex is manufactured from Novia’s high-specification Reflex membrane, which is their CE-approved low emissivity breathable membrane for roofs and walls. Novia Reflex is laminated to a 37mm thick polyester insulation layer, which is produced from recycled water bottles, to make the final Aluthermo RoofReflex membrane. RoofReflex is made by its insulation partner Aluthermo SA, who are based in Belgium. This new product reportedly provides a core thermal resistance of 1.00 m2.K/W, which is said to be ideal for topping up other insulation systems to provide further reduced U values. RoofReflex also provides thermal resistance benefits of up to an additional 0.47 m2.K/W, by virtue of its low-emissivity surface. The same low emissivity surface will also keep structures cooler in the summer months.

Aluthermo RoofReflex is a highly cost-effective add-on insulation product, and when installed in combination with mineral wool insulations there are said to be cost savings of up to 50% available, when compared to equivalent PIR/PUR installations. The product also comes with an EN 13501-1 fire classification rating of E, and is even said to improve the overall acoustic performance of the building.

Architects and designers can specify Aluthermo RoofReflex via NBS Plus software.