VIVIX panels used for striking environmental finish

keilarantaFormica Group’s VIVIX exterior fa‡ade panels have been used to clad Keilaranta 1, a new office building in Keilaniemi, Finland which has been awarded LEED Platinum, the highest possible environmental certification level.

The LEED system aims to promote environmentally friendly construction; reduce energy consumption; improve the user-friendliness of buildings; and enhance environmental awareness and the use of environmentally sustainable solutions.

Designed by the architectural firm Arkton Arkkitehdit, the Keilaranta project has been constructed with sustainability in mind, meaning that great attention was paid to the selection of building materials.

Architect Matti Karjanoja said:

“We wanted to create a design that will not only be aesthetically pleasing but would also have a minimal impact on the environment and maximal visibility. We were impressed with the sustainability credentials of Formica Group and VIVIX exterior product so for us it was a natural choice.”

As well as environmental performance, the cladding solution for the project also had to protect the building from the elements due to its coastal location.

Mr. Karjanoja continued:

“As Keilaranta is located by the Baltic Sea, we had to make sure the cladding material is able to withstand the weather in this area. VIVIX panels are resistant to impact and abrasion, weather resistant and include double-sided UV protection as standard which makes it the ideal solution for such an environment.”

As part of a lightweight ventilated fa‡ade system, Formica Group says its VIVIX panels contribute to a building’s thermal efficiency and its protection. The panels can be installed to act as a defense against water penetration and aid the prevention of the adverse effects of moisture on a building’s finish and structural components.  

Mr. Karjanoja added:

“VIVIX panels are also easily cut and machined which allowed for great accuracy of the panel design; furthermore, it meant that almost no waste has been generated – something we were very conscious of.”

VIVIX panels also offer specifiers an array of colours and patterns. For Keilaranta, the architects were looking for strong, bold colours and chose panels in Spectrum Blue and Diamond Black.

Formica Group says the VIVIX panels incorporate its commitment to sustainable principles and practices. Manufactured in Europe to ISO 9001 standards, VIVIX panels cause minimal environmental impact as determined by Formica Group’s Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

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