CCF invests in new carbon reporting tool for customers

CCF truck

CCF is trialling a new carbon reporting service for its customers.

The company is trialling its comprehensive new system with a panel of key customers working on large projects across the country to gather as much data as possible.

The new tool will provide information on the carbon emissions relating specifically to the delivery of products to site.

It will also eventually include the embodied carbon of the products to show transparency to enable decision makers to make tangible carbon savings.

Involving CCF’s customers in the process is critical to make sure the new reporting tool will be both useful and usable – ensuring it will deliver the results and drive the changes needed so that as the construction industry can hit the net zero targets by 2050.

As part of this, CCF is collaborating closely with key customers to help shape CCF’s carbon reporting tool and effectively co-create a report that works for everyone.

Colin Porterfield, national sales director at CCF, commented: “For the first time in the industry our customers will be able to see the amount of carbon generated as part of our deliveries to construction sites.”

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