Ibstock plc named CO2nstructZero Business Champion

Joe Hudson is the chief executive officer of Ibstock.
Joe Hudson is the chief executive officer of Ibstock.

Ibstock has been named as a CO2nstructZero Business Champion, recognising the commitment it has made to reduce carbon emissions in the delivery and operation of the built environment.

Selected by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) as part of its CO2nstructZero campaign, the initiative enables companies to be role models in the industry change programme.

Investment in decarbonisation measures and production efficiencies at Ibstock’s facilities has accelerated its journey to Net Zero carbon emissions and was a key factor in Ibstock’s inclusion in the scheme.

Recent examples of this include constructing a 4.9MW solar farm at its Leicestershire headquarters, procuring 100% of its electricity from renewable sources and confirming investment in a pathfinder project to achieve the world’s first Net Zero brick factory in the West Midlands.

The news comes shortly after Ibstock launched its latest Sustainability Report for 2020 which outlines the decarbonisation initiatives the Group is making as well as providing an open and transparent overview of the progress it is making against its Sustainability Roadmap 2025 targets.

Joe Hudson, chief executive officer of Ibstock, said: “There is no doubt that climate change is one of the greatest challenges we face globally. It is part of our DNA to steward our resources and ensure we have a sustainable and positive impact on the world around us.

“As a leading building products manufacturer, we recognise that we must adapt and respond – and this is reflected in the targets we have set ourselves in our Sustainability Roadmap to 2025. 

“We have seen a transformational shift in attitudes from all of our key stakeholders, and there is a ‘sea-change’ in how our customers, and, in turn, their customers, view environmental issues. Collaboration is a linchpin of achieving carbon reduction targets across the construction sector and we look forward to working alongside the CLC to share best practice, supporting the industry’s move to Net Zero.” 

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