Job satisfaction trumps salary in new construction workforce survey

Job satisfaction is more important than salary among construction workers, according to a recently conducted poll.

The poll of over 1,600 workers by YouGov, in association with the launch of the REED 2015 Salary Guides, questioned workers on their attitudes to work, career aspirations and regrets.


Over a third of workers (35%) in the construction sector claimed that job satisfaction is the single most important aspect of working life, with pay and benefits following in second place at 19%. A good balance between work and life was cited as the most important aspect by just 18% of respondents.

The same survey suggested that many are satisfied within the industry, with 76% of workers in the construction sector reportedly satisfied in their role. Only 14% intend to look for a new job in the next 12 months.

John Seasman, divisional director at Reed Property & Construction, said:

“In a candidate-led market such as this, employers in the construction sector need to think hard about how they attract and retain staff. What this research shows is that although salary is very important, now we’re out of the recession it’s no longer just about pay – employers need to consider many other factors, such as flexible working and how they can offer the greatest job satisfaction”.

However, the survey did also show that the members of the construction workforce asked were aware of concerns often raised regarding the industry, with 36% believing there is a skills gap in their organisation.

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