SIG to provide community support with Morrisons

SIG is collaborating with supermarket chain Morrisons and their Community Champions on a project to provide much-needed donations for local food banks.

All across the SIG network, select branches will be donating supplies via Morrisons to their local communities in an effort to give back.

This year the SIG Charity and Community team decided that it would turn to initiatives which could make real change happen in the local communities where SIG have a presence.

The partnership sees 54 branches across the SIG estate signing up to the programme. They include the specialist businesses, Construction Accessories, Distribution, and Roofing branches. Each site will then work with their local Community Champion to understand and donate the types of supplies their area needs most.

Sarah Calvert, HR manager at SIG UK, explains: “We wanted to explore working with a well-established business to ensure we get the right support to the right people. I’ve previously worked with Morrisons and its Community Champions so I knew this would be the ideal partnership to really help our local communities.”

“The Community Champions work with local charities and stakeholders to find out who needs what most. It’s not always food donations, sometimes it’s cleaning supplies or toiletries. This way, our branches know exactly what is needed by their community.”

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