Site Operating Procedures update now in version six

The new Site Operating Procedures for working under the threat of Covid-19 have been republished in a new sixth version.

The Site Operating Procedures have been updated by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) and Build UK to reflect recent changes in government guidance.

Whilst there are no significant changes to the actions required, some of the wording has been amended. For example, it now better reflects that social distancing is no longer exceptional, and that in some areas government has published more detailed guidance or updated terminology.

Other changes to the Site Operating Procedures – Version 6 include:

  • Current requirements such as social distancing are referenced on page 1, making it easier to update in future.
  • The CLC statement on The Use of Face Coverings is included.
  • Updated guidance on shielding, self-isolation, testing and what to do if a worker develops COVID-19 symptoms or has to self-isolate.
  • Confirmation that canteens serving food must display an NHS QR Code.

With cases of coronavirus increasing across all four nations of the UK, site are urged to remind the workforce of the importance of social distancing outside of work, in order to protect themselves and others and help keep construction sites open.

Click here to download Site Operating Procedures V6 as a pdf or visit: