Timber engineering industry gathers for insights into the new normal

Nick Boulton, chief executive of the Trussed Rafter Association
Nick Boulton, chief executive of the Trussed Rafter Association

Manufacturers, suppliers, and systems companies within the timber engineering sector are planning a series of free online meetings this autumn, allowing them to discuss industry issues and opportunities in the market post-pandemic. 

The virtual gatherings, being hosted by the Trussed Rafter Association (TRA), will bring together businesses from key areas in the UK during October: 

  • North of England and Scotland on Tuesday 6 October 
  • Ireland on Thursday 8 October 
  • Midlands (east and west) on Tuesday 13 October 
  • Southern England and south west England on Tuesday 20 October. 

The agenda for discussion includes an economic update and insights into current and future market conditions, plus a full technical update, including the latest information on the TRA’s work on fire and horizontal deflection. 

Delegates will hear a progress report on the TRA’s training initiatives, including a preview of the Association’s ‘careers in timber engineering’ video, plus an update on its future projects for 2021. 

Nick Boulton, chief executive of the TRA, said: “There have been so many changes this year due to the COVID-19 outbreak, so it is important to reach out to our members and to support them as best we can.

“By hosting these virtual events covering the UK and Ireland, we hope to update everyone on the latest market changes, as well as on TRA activities and how we can help reinforce the latest good practice on technical issues, especially around fire. 

“Although the events have to be virtual this year, we are hoping that is will be an opportunity to network with others in the industry and to find out how they are responding to the challenges we’re all facing right now.” 

The meetings are open to all members of the TRA.  

To find out more about the TRA and how to become a member, visit: https://www.tra.org.uk/join-the-tra/