UK roofers reveal their perfect full English

Credit: AdobeStock/Jason Lovell
Credit: AdobeStock/Jason Lovell

A study from metals4U has revealed some interesting figures on what roofers think makes a good full English breakfast.


Of the 500 asked, ketchup came out at the most popular breakfast sauce, as 29% of UK roofers choose mustard as their top condiment with 20% preferring brown sauce and 15% choosing gravy.


Roofers were also revealed to enjoy tea a lot more than coffee, with 44% having a brew with their breakfast compared to only 14% having a coffee. Surprisingly, 42% revealed they enjoy an energy drink with their full English breakfast. 


Bacon and scrambled eggs were revealed to be a roofer’s favourite breakfast items, while over 71% don’t believe hashbrowns are an important part of a traditional full English and only 15% want baked beans. 


When asked how often roofers enjoy a full English, almost 29% said they have at least one a week. 

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