Welwyn Tool Group to exhibit at RCI Show 2024

Welding Single Ply Roof Membrane has never been so reliable

Leister’s VARIMAT 700/500/300 welding machines revolutionize thermoplastic membrane welding on flat roofs, offering unmatched speeds of up to 12m/minute, combined with cutting-edge features for enhanced efficiency and reliability. The series features an innovative swivel-in mechanism that simplifies nozzle insertion and removal, significantly speeding up the welding process while minimizing burn risks. Its reengineered nozzle and strategic design enhance energy efficiency and stability, enabling precise welding close to edges.

Equipped with an advanced air partitioning system, these models prevent seam wrinkling and support a choice between 230 V or 400 V power, providing versatility for various needs. Weighing 37kg with modifiable weights, they offer consistent performance over uneven surfaces, ensuring safety and reliability.

The VARIMAT 700 and 500 incorporate power management and electronic monitoring to maintain welding temperature, even with voltage fluctuations, thus preserving weld quality. They also feature a Monitored Welding Assistant that issues alerts if welding parameters exceed preset limits, guaranteeing adherence to quality standards.

Designed for ease of use, the machines come with intuitive interfaces, with the VARIMAT 700 offering digital documentation of welds via the Leister Quality System LQS-Roofing. To enhance work in low-light conditions, the VARIMAT 700 and 500 include LED lights and are built with brushless, low-maintenance technology for longevity. Their new, easily transportable case, with oversized wheels and a telescopic handle, underscores Leister’s commitment to efficiency, quality, and user-friendly operation in welding technology.


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