Tributes flood in for Dave Shurrock

Dave Shurrock
Dave Shurrock
Dave Shurrock
Dave Shurrock

Tributes are being paid to roofing consultant, Dave Shurrock of Barry Jackson Associates after he recently passed away.

Mr. Shurrock had worked in the roofing and cladding sectors since 1983, building up a wealth of practical site experience and knowledge over his long career.

During his on site career, Dave worked with sub contractors for over 15 years and became experienced in running site labour and installing test samples. He also attended manufacturers’ courses for a wide range of roofing and cladding systems.

Mr. Shurrock was also involved in setting up test rigs and assessing acoustic roofing systems at what was formerly Manchester Polytechnic and had supervised several overseas contracts.

In 1998 he was asked to help form a team of installers to work for a major developer in their own in-house roofing and cladding division, employing up to ten men. He carried out this role until 2003.

In addition, Mr. Shurrock had additional experience of steelwork, building maintenance and roof warranty inspections. He was fully trained in the design and installation of Protecta’s ARIANA safety line system and had provided design, installation & re-certification service.

He held a CSCS Roof Sheeter and Cladder Gold Card and had completed a Safety Awareness Course.

Mr. Shurrock began working with Barry Jackson Associates in 2006, where he worked continuously until he sadly passed away.

Barry Jackson said: “Dave Shurrock was the perfect example of someone who moved from the practical side of the industry into consultancy.

“One of his many strengths was being able to look at an installation or a system and know what could be improved and latterly what the fixers may have missed. He was never averse to rolling up his sleeves and showing a fixer how to complete a detail rather than just sending in a report about what was wrong.

“He will be sadly missed by his family and the industry”

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