Existing gutter leaks repaired to help attract new business for Great Bear Distribution

Gutter leaks at the Great Bear storage warehouse in Basildon were in need of repair and a successful refurbishment of the gutter system would go a long way to attract new customers looking for safe storage.

Great Bear tasked industrial and commercial roofing contractors, Absolute Roofing, with the initial project survey and to specify the best solution for the project that would also have the least disruptive effect on the daily running of the business.

The Plygene Gutterline system was reportedly chosen because it is a strong thermoplastic blend engineered specifically for the gutter environment, resistant to mechanical damage, highly durable and weathertight.

It’s also seamless in design which is said to help eliminate the need for problematic joints that may corrode and potentially fail as a result of thermal movement across seasonal cycles over a number of years.

In addition, the gutter lining component is non-bonded and thermally expands and contracts independently from the gutter substrate material.

The installation work was carried out alongside Sharmans-trained contractor, Absolute Roofing. Installation of the Plygene Gutterline system is reportedly not subject to the vagaries of the weather and can be installed in damp or light rain conditions and doesn’t need an ambient temperature of five degrees and rising – this is said to have been particularly important to mitigate against weather disruption.

By using the Plygene Gutterline system, the net result meant faster installation and less building disruption for Great Bear – this was of particular importance to them.

Commenting on the successfully completed project, senior project manager, Kevin Smith, said: “For a client and project of this size and scope, guaranteed leak prevention was critical to mitigate against further disruption, along with the assurance of a system designed specifically for the gutter, BBA-certified and guaranteed to ensure absolute peace of mind. There’s nothing else on the market that compares with this system.”