Don & Low to exhibit at RCI Show 2024

High-quality building materials are essential for creating sustainable and resilient structures that can withstand the test of time and adapt to changing environmental conditions. From weather-resistant roofing and cladding to energy-efficient insulation, these materials ensure any construction project’s longevity, structural integrity, and overall performance.

Over the last few decades, construction membranes have solidified their place in the industry, largely due to their unique attributes enabling developers and owners to meet and surpass international standards and national regulations while contributing to substantial cost savings.

Don & Low is the ultimate destination for all construction membrane needs

When it comes to specified roof, wall, floor, and site protection membranes, Don & Low has the construction industry covered. With a strong focus on quality, performance, and price, Don & Low is a visionary UK leader in nonwovens. The renowned manufacturer’s vast expertise is evident in the Roofshield® legacy. Roofshield®, which has been tried and tested by the industry since 1996, has received widespread recognition for its remarkable performance and reliability.

However, Roofshield® is part of a comprehensive construction membrane family of products that allows Don & Low to offer a complete building envelope solution, covering the needs of diverse projects across the UK. Don & Low’s advanced roofing underlays that, in addition to Roofshield®, include RoofTX® and MultiTX®, enhance the performance and longevity of roofs, making them a vital component of every building.

Breather walling membranes such as Reflectashield® and Frameshield® improve the efficiency and durability of walls in various applications, while vapour control layers like VapourTX® play a pivotal role in regulating moisture and temperature within structures, ensuring a comfortable and energy-efficient indoor environment. Don & Low also manufactures flooring membranes like FloorTX®, as well as temporary site protection materials, helping to preserve construction sites during the building process.

Proudly developed and entirely manufactured in the UK

Don & Low’s offerings stand out because all their construction fabrics, from polymer pellets to finished membranes, are manufactured in the UK. This guarantees that construction membranes meet the ever-increasing demand for buildings that excel in technical performance, comply with new regulatory standards, and offer improved energy efficiency while being environmentally friendly, since they are recyclable and made partly from recycled materials.

Don & Low’s capacity to customise membranes to specific requests, providing a broad spectrum of prints and colours, is an extra strength. But most importantly, Don & Low is committed to innovation, evidenced by their research, development, and product creation approach. From initial concept and design to sourcing raw materials, sampling, and final production, the company handles every step of the product development process. The head office and manufacturing facilities in Forfar, Scotland, feature cutting-edge on-site test facilities and a robust programme of in-process testing to ensure that products meet the highest global quality standards.

Greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness thanks to direct distribution

Don & Low has always been devoted to keeping pace with the dynamic needs of the market. As a result, since November 16, 2023, Don & Low has assumed direct distribution responsibilities for Roofshield® and their complete construction membrane portfolio in the UK and Ireland. This strategic move aims to streamline the supply chain, providing greater flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and overall customer satisfaction.

The rich heritage and unrivalled experience

Don & Low has been producing nonwovens for over 35 years and has over 200 years of combined experience in the technical textiles field. But in addition to being the UK’s only vertically integrated manufacturer, Don & Low takes great pride in its team of experts, who play a significant part in guaranteeing customer satisfaction. These professionals bring years of expertise and passion to the table, providing detailed advice on membrane selection, installation, and best practices for all conditions. Call 0808 169 4444 or email to get in touch with them.

As the future of construction membranes takes shape, the Forfar-based company is at the forefront, developing, manufacturing, and distributing innovative solutions to fulfil shifting market demands. Backed by a long history of technical competence and countless successes in its R&D and testing department, Don & Low remains committed to constantly enhancing the performance and reliability of construction materials, contributing to the advancement and sustainability of construction practices in the UK and beyond.

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