Open the window to a smarter home with keyliteConnect

There are over 15 million ‘smart homes’ in the UK and Ireland, a figure growing year on year with no sign of slowing down. But whilst it’s easy to get blindsided by the smart tech that connects our homes with added security and comfort, it’s important to remember the health and cost saving benefits that a smart home can offer.

Keylite Roof Windows (Keylite) suggests that fresh air ventilation, natural daylight and thermal protection are amongst the top factors in making your house a healthy and comfortable home. But with day-to-day life and energy efficiency often putting the three out of balance, Keylite wanted to see how smart home technology could align both convenience and home productivity.

With that in mind, Keylite has designed keyliteConnect, a smart home product range which includes app enabled Keylite Roof Windows and Blinds, and wireless technology to transform the way we experience natural daylight and fresh air in our homes.

Using the keyliteConnect app and hub, homeowners can monitor and operate their smart app-enabled Electric and Solar Powered Roof Windows and Blinds from anywhere in the world.

The app allows users to set pre-timed actions, such as airing the building for a certain duration, or automatically lowering blinds in the evening, meaning users can keep their homes running efficiently and conveniently, no matter whether they are at home or away.

Leaving windows on vent while you are out and about can often be a worry, but by switching the roof windows to the trickle ventilation position on your app, fresh air is able to enter the property, while ensuring the building’s safety is not compromised, as windows remain in the fully locked position.

What’s more, the smart rain sensor will automatically close windows in the event of a downpour, eliminating the risk of deciding between ventilated rooms and soggy floors.

One of the biggest appeals to smart home technology is the long-term cost savings. The keyliteConnect app-enabled Solar Powered Roof Windows and Blinds are powered completely by solar energy, with no requirement for mains electricity, making the operation of the windows and blinds extremely cost effective. Harvesting solar energy, the roof windows retain power in the window’s battery system, enabling it to operate during the day and night.

With double and triple glazing, Keylite’s Roof Windows match the thermal efficiency of the roof when closed, ensuring minimal heat loss. This, partnered with the ability to open and close windows and blinds at any time, can ensure heat is kept in and energy bills are kept low.

The app also allows users to create personalised settings for individual rooms and even users. To ensure maximum security, once connected to Wi-Fi, the hub guarantees only those chosen can operate the applications remotely via the keyliteConnect app.