Future of historic development at Blackburn Cathedral secured

The Cathedral Court development will be the first cloister construction in the country in 600 years and a range of Bilco products have been fitted to ensure that the building can stand the test of time.

Frank Charnley, John Turner & Sons, explained: “Selecting Bilco products was an obvious choice for us. Bilco was able to provide a complete roof access system, which included, hatches, access ladders and Bil-Guard safety railing systems, to keep personnel who had to access the roof safe at all times. Bilco was a one-stop-shop for the access needs of the project and was able to deliver the goods quickly and on budget.”

A Bilco E-50T roof hatch with vertical ladder access and an NB-50T roof hatch with ship stair access were both installed. Each of the roof access hatches has been fitted with a Bil-Guard hatch railing system around its exterior. The Bil-Guard system features a self-closing and latching gate to make certain that the opening to the roof hatch is protected at all times and exceeds OSHA fall protection regulations. For added peace of mind, the Bil-Guard hatch railing system also comes with a 25-year guarantee.

“Gaining access to the roof of the building is vital for on-going maintenance and the team at Bilco is committed to ensuring that everyone from tradesmen to facilities managers can do this as safely and easily as possible.”

Although modern in its design, the new building is built using a combination of stone and slate that coordinates with the older materials used on the cathedral itself. A new garden area has also been created in Cathedral Square for the public and staff to enjoy, and conference facilities, a refectory and gallery space will all be available to the public.