Get unlimited construction law advice

The National Legal Consortium (NLC) is celebrating the first anniversary of its legal subscription service.

Having spent many years wrestling with legal costs and writing off many thousands of pounds due from clients who were simply unable to pay their bills David Jackson, Solicitor and managing director of the NLC decided to change the way his company charged for legal services.

Clients pay a monthly fee based on the turnover of their business, which can be as little as £150 plus VAT per month for a small business.

David explained: “In return for the monthly fee, clients get unlimited construction law advice. They can take proceedings, defend proceedings, get advice on contracts, problems on-site – whatever they need!

“There are some sensible restrictions on the service – for example clients must pay court fees and other disbursements, while the service pays for the solicitor’s time.”

The scheme provides access to proceedings to companies that would not otherwise be able to afford them. It allows companies to take advice at an early stage so that proceedings may be avoided all together. Clients know that they will not be charged for doing so, and can seek advice without worrying about the costs of doing so. Clients also get to use the scheme’s logo on their notepaper and website to show others that they are part of the scheme.

The growing number of testimonials on the NLC’s website shows that the service is popular and new clients are joining every month.

David added: “Once I offer to undertake work at £240 plus VAT an hour or for £150 plus VAT a month, clients usually do not hesitate to join the scheme. Why would they pay by the hour when they can have the same service for a small monthly fee?”