Are you prepared for the winter rain and wind?

Snickers new waterproof jackets are said to keep you warm and dry all day, every day!

Fisco’s new ‘Mark-Right’ – the ‘time-saving’ tape for right-handed craftsmen

The tape is said to reduce marking and cutting time for a right-handed user by 50%

Gear up for changeable weather with Snickers Workwear.

Snickers Workwear has improved its working clothes with new weatherproof stretch trousers and jackets

Snickers’ comfort fabrics for maximum mobility in new stretch clothing

Snickers is releasing a new range of trousers, jackets, rainwear and accessories which reportedly deliver freedom of movement

Kee Systems have roof safety solutions down to a T

The company has provided a combination of its products for the Twinings facility in Andover

Working at height – how to prevent a fall

Katharina Busch, content writer at Arinite, provides her top five tips

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Barry Crackett is a product designer at the brushware manufacturer Brushtec. Here, he gives his top tips for keeping your work site clean and explains the benefits this can have on staff safety and morale

Safesite roof safety solution is fit for Roehampton Leisure Centre

The fall protection solutions provider has installed a range of products for the sports and fitness centre

Trakm8 prime reduces vehicle downtime

A specialist asbestos company has reduced vehicle downtime after switching from hard-wired vehicle trackers to plug-and-play devices

Complete freedom of movement with Snickers

Snickers has brought out a new range of work clothes for the cooler weather