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Industry in dismay at 2015 Spending Review announcements

Announcements of Government plans to replace ECO and reportedly build 400,000 poorly insulated homes have come as a shock to the industry

400,000 new homes? Built by whom?

2015 Spending Review shows that Government’s intentions are in the right place but if plans are to be successful “apprenticeships will be as valuable as bricks.”

Chancellor pledges £100bn for infrastructure

Next month’s Spending Review will promise significant funding for use in infrastructure as the line-up of the National Infrastructure Commission is revealed

National Infrastructure Commission to identify future needs

NIC will seek to determine what the UK will need over the next 30 years, prompting calls for energy efficiency to be brought to the top of the list

Renewed calls for energy efficiency to become an infrastructure policy

Open letter to George Osborne and Amber Rudd draws attention to new research that claims energy efficiency meets HM Treasury’s criteria for infrastructure

NHBC suggests Government intervention is potentially lowering house-building

New NHBC figures show a 23% fall in public sector new home registrations during August, leading to the first fall on 2014’s figures since January

Ed Davey challenges George Osborne on green policy

Chancellor’s “bonkers economics” is putting the green agenda at risk says former energy minister

Chancellor urged to reverse decision on the dismantling of zero carbon...

Hundreds of businesses write to George Osborne to ask that the Government reconsiders plans to “arbitrarily “ scrap its zero carbon homes policy

Planning reforms reshape the house-building sector

New focus on sparking a brownfield revolution will see planning permission granted automatically on these sites, with local authorities to face tougher rules on local plans

Government targets house-building with new measures

Plans to boost house-building include £100m cash for small builders as well as proposals to increase home ownership and land supply