Five technologies that are changing the roofing industry

Drones are far more affordable than aerial photographers and safer than in-person inspections.
Drones are far more affordable than aerial photographers and safer than in-person inspections.

Emily Newton, editor-in-chief of Revolutionized, shares with RCI, the latest innovations in the roofing, cladding and insulation industry that are bringing the sector into the future.

Roofing, like many building and construction industries, has remained relatively unchanged through much of its history. As the rest of the business world has embraced digital transformation, roofers have, for the most part, stuck with tradition.

However, the industry can no longer afford to ignore the potential of new technologies. Roofers have started to adopt these tools in recent years, and it is transforming the sector. Everything from roofing measurements to billing is shifting as new technologies emerge.

CAD software
Roofing software is one of the most disruptive sets of tools to join the industry. There are several types of software available today, but computer-aided design (CAD) programs are perhaps the most useful. These tools enable you to create, edit, and share digital models, streamlining the project’s first steps.

With CAD software, you can create various designs and share them directly with the customer. That way, they can better imagine the finished product and won’t take as long coming to a decision. If you need to make any adjustments, then you can do so in the same digital model, further saving time.

Some CAD solutions include roofing measurement tools that can work from pictures. With these features, you can create a design that perfectly fits the building in question without ever stepping on the roof.

Traditionally, to inspect a roof, one must get on top of it or use expensive aerial photography. Since falls are the leading cause of fatalities in construction, the less time you spend at height, the better. Hiring an aerial photographer could be cost-prohibitive, making it challenging to stay within your budget.

Drones offer a solution to both problems. They are far more affordable than aerial photographers and safer than in-person inspections. You can fly a drone over a house to inspect its dimensions and any hazards in minutes for low costs.

After capturing photos with your drone, you can feed them into a roofing measurement program. These will inform your designs and sometimes highlight potential problems to look out for.

Estimation software
Besides CAD, there are many software solutions today that can calculate the projected cost of a project for you. These estimation tools will help guide your project and give customers a fair, accurate quote.

Inaccurate project estimates are the most common cause of cost overruns in construction. Computers are often better at making complex calculations and analyzing data, so they can produce more accurate estimates. You can then stay within your budget better and meet customer expectations.

Since these solutions automate the estimation process, they also save time. When you use these tools, you will not have to waste time on non-value-adding tasks.

Marketing software
Marketing software is not specific to the roofing industry, but it can revolutionise it. In an increasingly digital world, roofing companies need to take advantage of digital advertising. Marketing software solutions can help you capitalize on the complex world of online advertising without needing expertise.

Roughly 91% of companies with 10 employees or more have already adopted customer relationship management (CRM) software. If you do not take advantage of these tools, you will fall behind the competition before long. In a crowded, competitive market, you need automation and data-driven insights to stand out from the crowd.

By employing marketing software, you can reach new customers who may not hear about you otherwise. You can also use these tools to see analytics about your customer base. With that information, you can see how to change to better appeal to your consumers.

New roofing technology is reshaping the industry
Roofing technology is turning the industry into an entirely different animal. What was once a sector planted firmly in tradition is becoming increasingly digital and cutting-edge. As more roofers adopt these technologies, the industry will become safer, more profitable and more efficient.