The Fourth Industrial Revolution could restore Britain as a leading manufacturer

Whilst the UK has been an industrial leader for decades, shifting trends in manufacturing has meant output has been overtaken by several other countries. However, industrial technology is advancing and with the UK at the forefront, this could restore the country's industrial leadership.

Can an employer require an employee to take a COVID-19 vaccination?

With the COVID-19 vaccine rollout so far proving successful in the UK, the question is now, can an employer require their workers to get vaccinated? According to Alec Colson, head of employment law at Taylor Walton, it’s not that simple and there are legal hurdles employers must combat to support a ‘no jab no job’ policy.

Building the case for construction offices to help the roofing sector

With the end of the pandemic potentially in sight, remote working capabilities may remain, even after social distancing restrictions are eased. Andrew Richardson from Mobile Mini, explains why safely accommodating as many workers as possible back onto sites and in offices may be the saving factor for the construction and the roofing sector.

Steps to take when a roof fails

A spokesman from Cavitech-UK explains what you should look out for when you see a roof failing and how the root of the problem can be removed.

The truth about dry verge

In this article, Alicia Garfoot, products and system design technician at Wienerberger, explains the common misconceptions within the industry regarding dry fix systems, and gives a detailed run down of the latest British Standard regarding how they should be installed, and how her company is conforming to this.

Fixing innovation streamlines installation of flat roofs with tapered insulation

Kevin Rackley, product manager for flat roofing fastener systems at EJOT UK, explains to RCI why mechanical fastener innovation is helping installers to streamline the flat roofing installation process when using tapered insulation to save time and money.

How quickly will new product standard policies bring about the end...

Shaun Revill, trading director at SR Timber, says his team has long championed the use of quality, compliant roofing batten, while being vocal about its frustration at the lack of proper policing of UK standards. However, in a short space of time, two new bodies have been announced to police and drive-up standards in construction and housebuilding. Shaun asks whether this is going to bring about genuine change for the roofing sector.

Specification considerations for blue roof SuDS attenuation systems

As the weather is forecasted to be more erratic over the coming decades, due to temperature rises, Andrew Keer, southern sales manager at ABG, provides an in-depth guide into SuDS drainage systems, which could be the best option as drainage systems that discharge water as quickly as possible become less desirable.

Five technologies that are changing the roofing industry

Emily Newton, editor-in-chief of Revolutionized, shares with RCI, the latest innovations in the roofing, cladding and insulation industry that are bringing the sector into the future.

The financial risks of poor fire performance

While the primary purpose of fire protection measures is to safeguard life, there are wider implications too. As a building’s fire performance comes under greater scrutiny from financial service providers, Paul Barrett, head of product management at ROCKWOOL, explores what this means for contractors and how to mitigate risk.