Benefits of rendering vs cladding

Both of these exterior improvements are becoming increasingly popular all over the UK, with cladding being much more common in modern times and rendering being much more traditional.

Why is my house always so cold & how to fix...

This article should help you to keep your home warm and prevent it from becoming too cold, as well as helping you to save money in a time when the cost of energy is skyrocketing in the UK.

Five tips for estimating the bid for your next roofing job

Are you a contractor or handyman who is about to bid on your next roofing job? If so, you'll want to consider all the necessary materials and labor costs. In order to help you out, we've put together a guide on how to estimate the bid for your next roofing job.

Waste not, want not: Building materials you can reuse and recycle

Tony Munro at Reconomy explores some of the building materials you can reuse and recycle to leave you with a clear conscience and the world with a cleaner atmosphere.

Roofing expert advises on preparing for storms

As Roofing Megastore sees a dramatic rise in traffic to its website after three major storms wreak havoc on the country's roofs, its managing director gives advice on how homeowners can protect their houses from future storms.

Cut installation time and labour costs with high-performance insulation

Read about the many benefits of choosing a high-performance Ravatherm XPS insulation board and the many advantages it has over its rival products.

Choosing the most effective roof solution to handle this winter

As winter approaches, the importance of ensuring a property’s roof is fit for purpose in maintaining a warm and dry building increases. High performance roof insulation is crucial to this process, particularly for flat roofs, which are susceptible to issues not applicable to pitched installations.

Improving biodiversity at Leeds Skelton Lake Services

Here, read about how Geogreen Solutions has installed a green roof on Leeds Skelton Motorway Services and the benefits it brings including aesthetics, improving biodiversity, natural soundproofing, and sustainable insulation.

Construction professionals share supply chain productivity challenges

Supply chain collaboration, pressure to build quickly and skills shortages are top of the list of productivity challenges for construction professionals, according to new research from Etex.

Building a fireproof future

Jamie Harvey, head of product development at Dalply explores the alternative cladding materials available on the market in the wake of Grenfell to prevent fires happening on high rises.