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Fingerprint drug test rollout underway across European construction sites

Intelligent Fingerprinting has been adopted by Crown Roofing and Cladding in an innovative move to improve health and safety by testing staff members and workers for alcohol and drug abuse from a sweat sample.

Is uPVC more beneficial for harsher winters?

Jon Cooper, manager at BC Profiles, talks to RCI about why uPVC may help you protect your home better in harsher weather

Contractors and developers embrace the protective Top-2000 S finish

Rodney Hogg, national roofing manager at Crest Nelskamp, shares some of the feedback the company has received about the micro concrete surface technology used on its Double Roman and Double Pantile roof tiles

Specifying liquids: Don’t compromise on quality

In this article, Steve Henderson, technical manager at Kemper System, offers RCI readers advice on how to maximise budgets, whilst ensuring a sound liquid waterproofing specification

Can an employer require an employee to take a COVID-19 vaccination?

With the COVID-19 vaccine rollout so far proving successful in the UK, the question is now, can an employer require their workers to get vaccinated? According to Alec Colson, head of employment law at Taylor Walton, it’s not that simple and there are legal hurdles employers must combat to support a ‘no jab no job’ policy.

Cordless nailers: Power and portability for roofing professionals

Thanks to incredible advances in battery technology and brushless motors, cordless power tool technology is transforming the way roofing contractors work, explains Nick Chan, marketing manager for HiKOKI Power Tools UK.

Specification considerations for blue roof SuDS attenuation systems

As the weather is forecasted to be more erratic over the coming decades, due to temperature rises, Andrew Keer, southern sales manager at ABG, provides an in-depth guide into SuDS drainage systems, which could be the best option as drainage systems that discharge water as quickly as possible become less desirable.

Going green, saving energy, cutting costs

With energy efficiency and environmental concerns hot topics with homeowners, Richard Kendrick, marketing manager at SIG Roofing, discusses how roofers can support customers looking for cost-effective, viable solutions that will boost their home’s green credentials.

Inferior battens could be putting roofers at risk

Following concerns about inferior battens coming into the market, Stuart Nicholson, roof systems director for Marley, answers contractors' questions about safety and roofing battens

Dealing with coronavirus in the workplace

Tina Chander from law firm Wright Hassall discusses what legal action can be taken and what is permitted by law if one of your employees contracts the notorious coronavirus.