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Technical troubleshooting: Single ply

In the latest of our Technical Troubleshooting series, Mat Woodyatt, technical training manager of BMI UK & Ireland, offers a few important insights into single ply membranes

When it comes to procurement, the price is wrong

When it comes to procurement, the supply chain is regularly asked to price first and discover the true extent of the works and the attendant risks later. This can mean spiralling costs and potential problems on a project down the line for everyone. Paul Richards, managing director of Aquarian Cladding Systems, discusses why outcome-led procurement should be considered more frequently to raise productivity and profitability in the construction industry

Sale and leasebacks: sacrifice or a saviour?

Could a sale and leaseback deal be the key for businesses looking to survive the coronavirus crisis? James Polo-Richards, a real estate lawyer and partner in the commercial real estate team at law firm Wright Hassall, explains more to RCI readers.

Have you got a head for safety?

MSA Safety has published a new whitepaper that explores the benefits of great head protection.

Why training matters, even now

Stuart Hicks, chief executive officer of the Institute of Roofing, offers RCI readers advice and guidance on home-based learning, and why upskilling is more important than ever

Keeping building envelope’s safe on lockdown

A Proctor Group’s breathable membranes keep your building envelope safe whilst you keep safe in these challenging times

Maintaining productivity levels during a period of disruption

Nick Howes, managing director at Leadership Management International UK, discusses how during a period of uncertainty, it’s important to instil confidence in your workforce and teach them essential skills like positive expectancy and persistence, to ensure that the work continues to the standards expected

Roof inspections 1: Why do we inspect?

This month’s Technical Note from Keith Roberts is the first in a new series that highlights the importance of roof inspections

Why construction firms should put their people first during the COVID-19...

Peter Johnson, chairman of Vivalda Group, thinks the months of COVID-19 will be a defining period for many suppliers and contractors in the industry.

Coronavirus: furloughed workers and what it means for business

Tina Chander, a partner at law firm, Wright Hassall, explains more to RCI readers