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Going Green: new research shows big shift towards sustainable building in...

Roofing Megastore has revealed research it found which showed that homeowners have taken an interest in green home improvements after the construction sector grinded to a halt due to the pandemic.

Inferior battens could be putting roofers at risk

Following concerns about inferior battens coming into the market, Stuart Nicholson, roof systems director for Marley, answers contractors' questions about safety and roofing battens

How to mitigate hazards on green roofs

Barry Eagle, managing director at GripClad, discusses some of the common hazards found on green roofs, and the best ways to mitigate the risks they pose.

Green Homes Grant needs a radical overhaul to meet low emissions...

The recent announcement by the Environmental Audit Committee that the £2 billion Green Home Grant has seen only 20,000 vouchers issued since it opened last September, highlights that the policy needs a radical overhaul to succeed.

New guidance on balcony and terrace design

Sarah Spink, chief executive officer of the Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Association, explains how the new British Standard 8579:2020 affects how balconies and terraces are designed, and the impact on the waterproofing industry.

An interview with Institute of Roofing’s Gordon Penrose MBE

RCI talks to Gordon Penrose, honorary president of the Institute of Roofing, about being awarded an MBE, the evolution of the Institute, and his passion for increasing training across the roofing sector.

When sub-contractors take on design responsibilities

Bob Richardson, head of technical at the NFRC, explains what sub-contractors installing industrial roofs should consider when taking design responsibilities.

Crest Nelskamp bucks the trend in supplying the UK with...

With its factories having available stock and excellent lead times, RCI speaks to Crest Nelskamp to find out why merchants and distributors are turning to the manufacturer to help them through the current roofing materials crisis

A guide to SEO for roofing businesses

Nowadays, with most people using the internet to search for contractors, search engine optimisation (SEO) is becoming increasingly important. RCI talks with Kain Michael Jagger from Barbell SEO, to understand the best way of making sure your business stands out on a search engine results page.

Pitched roofing – a progressive industry?

While the outward appearance of roofs may not have changed a great deal, there have been many developments in the last 50 years to improve the quality, performance, and durability of tile and slate pitched roofs, as John Mercer, a technical roofing consultant, writing on behalf of Edilians, explains in this article.