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Ibstock Concrete: What’s in store for 2021?

In this article, Tim Wright, managing director of concrete products at Ibstock Concrete, which includes the Supreme and Forticrete product brands, looks ahead to...

The sign of quality with Marley Alutec

The use of poor-quality products in any rainwater system can lead to a regular need to refurbish and replace failed systems. Here, Brian Bell, head of technical services at Marley Alutec, looks at how specifying the best quality products can minimise the requirement for maintenance and provide homeowners with the ultimate peace of mind

Ten minutes with David Sherry

David Sherry, associate director at Dreadnought Tiles, discusses how he got into the roofing sector and how his business has coped during the pandemic.

A guide to SEO for roofing businesses

Nowadays, with most people using the internet to search for contractors, search engine optimisation (SEO) is becoming increasingly important. RCI talks with Kain Michael Jagger from Barbell SEO, to understand the best way of making sure your business stands out on a search engine results page.

Making sure a roof’s waterproof installation is right first time

A spokesperson from IKO explains when installing a waterproofing system, how important it is to follow guidance laid out by the manufacturer, as any divergence from this process could lead to costly repairs.

Pitched roofing – a progressive industry?

While the outward appearance of roofs may not have changed a great deal, there have been many developments in the last 50 years to improve the quality, performance, and durability of tile and slate pitched roofs, as John Mercer, a technical roofing consultant, writing on behalf of Edilians, explains in this article.

The road for innovative products can be long

For decades, Roofshield has been providing roofing contractors with the highest quality, pitched roof underlay, which is both air and vapour permeable. Iain Fairnington, technical director at A.Proctor Group, explains how the product has been embraced by the construction industry since its inception in 1996.

Cut edge corrosion

Tom Armitt, specification manager at HD Sharman, talks to RCI about cut edge corrosion, its origins and how Seamsil can prevent this

Greater post Brexit border scrutiny could help reduce imports of poor–quality...

SR Timber’s trading director Shaun Revill tells RCI that in the wake of the UK securing an eleventh-hour trade deal with the EU, he hopes that more-stringent border checks can help to start wheedling out some of the poor-quality or fake batten, or even consignments from unsustainable sources arriving in the UK.

Refurbishing metal roofs

To seal or not to seal the overlap, that is the question