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Permaroof to seize growth opportunities in 2021

Permaroof is celebrating its most successful year in its 20-year history, after maximising the lockdown effect on the DIY market, as well as quickly diversifying in the face of the global pandemic.

Mitigating stress in the workplace

The coronavirus crisis has undoubtedly increased anxiety levels for most people, but workplace stress remains an issue for many, even if that workplace is still a makeshift home office. Tina Chander, a partner at Wright Hassall, discusses more

When sub-contractors take on design responsibilities

Bob Richardson, head of technical at the NFRC, explains what sub-contractors installing industrial roofs should consider when taking design responsibilities.

What to expect from the construction industry after lockdown?

With the vaccine rollout proving to be successful so far, the country is on track to lifting all restrictions on 21 June, 2021. But what could this mean for the construction sector and what will be next for the industry to focus on?

IT investment pays off as ISD prospers during COVID crisis

Composite panel specialist ISD Solutions are anticipating a strong financial performance in 2020, partly due to a £1 million investment in IT over the past five years.

Apprentices – you’re hired!

It is well reported that the UK construction industry is facing a looming workforce crisis with not enough young talent coming into the sector to bridge the widening gap. However, there's support available to both encourage youngsters to apply for an apprenticeship and to help businesses in their search for ‘new blood’. Here, Richard Kendrick, marketing manager for SIG Roofing, discusses how to get more ‘youth on the roof’.

Article: Metal roofing vs shingles: A guide to the pros and...

Emily Newton, editor-in-chief of Revolutionized, outlines the pros and cons of using both metal roofing and shingles, that roofers should be aware of before deciding on which one to use.

How to correctly specify liquid-applied membranes

Sarah Spink, chief executive officer of the Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Association, explains how new resources and tools will ensure liquid-applied membranes are specified and used correctly.

Businesses must expect more flexible working requests

Employers might have to prepare for the flood of requests to change working conditions to accommodate those staff who have become accustomed to working away from the office.

Fixing innovation streamlines installation of flat roofs with tapered insulation

Kevin Rackley, product manager for flat roofing fastener systems at EJOT UK, explains to RCI why mechanical fastener innovation is helping installers to streamline the flat roofing installation process when using tapered insulation to save time and money.