Green is the new black

Green technologies and landscaping materials are now fundamental construction elements, with green roofs helping to address urban design challenges from promoting biodiversity, to improving air quality. British-based manufacturer Wallbarn, says it is leading the way in this growing and innovative eco-industry.

Wallbarn supplies a range of specialist construction products to an international customer base, with recent projects including London’s Mayfair Hotel, the Olympic Park, Riverlight Nine Elms and the redevelopment of Elephant Park.

Commenting on its success, Wallbarn director, Julian Thurbin, said: “We are constantly innovating and developing our product range to meet the needs and evolving building practices of our customers, which includes architects, designers, contractors and developers.”

Wallbarn’s most recent innovation is its green roofing system, the M-Tray. “Traditional roll-out ‘blanket’ has a reputation for being messy to transport, as well as dying off quickly if installed and maintained incorrectly” says Thurbin. In response to this issue, Wallbarn developed its own modular system, M-Tray, designed in collaboration with its customers and horticultural experts. M-Tray units arrive fully established, with Wallbarn’s own mix of sedum fully rooted in its own specially developed substrate.

“Our goal was to develop a green roof product which was much simpler to install and maintain, as well as being able to survive in the long term. By pre-growing sedum in the trays on our farm until it reaches maturity, we find that it suffers much less shock during installation. Our specially designed single-sized trays simply clip together, making installation incredibly easy, meaning that you can simply unclip and lift off the trays should you ever want to replace them or inspect the roof beneath” added Thurbin.