Cordless nailers: Power and portability for roofing professionals

The NR1890DC in action.
The NR1890DC in action.

Thanks to incredible advances in battery technology and brushless motors, cordless power tool technology is transforming the way roofing contractors work, explains Nick Chan, marketing manager for HiKOKI Power Tools UK.

Cordless power tool technology has made some incredible advances in the last five years. Roofing contractors can now expect awesome performance from cordless nailers that more than matches their mains or gas-powered counterparts.

Combine this with enhanced benefits in terms of portability and health and safety on-site, moving towards a cordless power tool collection makes perfect sense for anyone working at height or on projects where tight spaces are the norm.

Battery technology is now at such an advanced and powerful level that contractors really can experience AC power with DC freedom. Take the Multi Volt battery, for instance, which is HiKOKI’s new generation battery system. It has almost the same size and weight as the 18V battery, but it’s the technology inside that provides you with the improvements you need.

The double voltage contributes to an optimal power, without the hassle of cords. Also, the Multi Volt is compatible with almost every HiKOKI cordless tool, which means you can easily switch from one power tool to another, regardless of the voltage.

With this in mind, fan-cooled smart battery chargers also help professionals. When a Lithium-ion battery is being charged, cool air is forced up into the battery pack and circulates around the cells. Ensuring that the cells stay cool allows the charger to replenish the battery to a high capacity without causing damage.

HiKOKI purposely ensures super-fast charging times (only 32 minutes in some cases), so that you can be charging at least one other battery while using the tool.

Brushless motors
Brushless motors also have a huge effect on the performance of cordless power tools. With a brushless motor you will experience more power and less energy consumption, as well as lower heat generation on prolonged tasks.

Even if you are using a mains powered tool, you should still look for a brushless motor as you no longer have to worry about losing voltage and power when using a long extension cord.

This technology, combined with nearly a 70-year history of engineering experience means that HiKOKI has been able to create a comprehensive range of power tools that are perfectly suited to the roofing contractor. This is especially true on HiKOKI’s Li-Ion cordless nailer series, for instance, which blends portability with power. Cordless technology means a contractor can experience the same power as pneumatic nailers, but without an air hose, power cord or fuel cell.

As well as great portability, the nailer series has been designed with good gravity balance and an ergonomic soft grip, which makes your job as easy and comfortable as possible. The air spring drive system, which is integrated inside the machine, requires no fuel cell, so the maintenance is reduced. The dry-fire lockout prevents unwanted marks or scratches on the material, so you can rely on a great finish.

The NR1890DC framing nailer, for example, is powered by a lightweight, rechargeable 5.0 Ah Li-Ion battery, banishing the costly replacement of fuel cells. The use of batteries also means the days of keeping gas fuel cells warm in a pocket or dragging a compressor and hose out for every job, are over.

This quiet, powerful and efficient nailer matches the performance of a gas nailer, without the fuss. Its highly efficient brushless motor, driving up to two nails per second, has a capacity to carry 47 nails at a time.

It comes with two 5.0Ah Li-Ion batteries (charge time of just 75 minutes per battery) and fires up to 700 nails per charge. The air/spring drive system means less recoil, better flush driving and easier maintenance, while the highly stable driving power allows the nailer to drive nails up to 90mm into lumber with ease.

The NT1865DM 18V 16 gauge brushless straight finish nailer, NT1865DMA 18V 15 gauge brushless angled finish nailer, and the NT1850DE 18V 18 gauge brushless straight brad nailer all have brushless motors and again, none requires an air hose or compressor.

Instead, they employ an air spring drive system that uses compressed air to drive each nail, reducing recoil, increasing driving speed, boosting response time between drives, and resulting in better flush driving.

The brad nailer can drive up to 1,650 nails per charge, while the straight finish nailer and angled nailer can drive up to 1,500 and 1,100 nails respectively. All ranges come with an LED work light, a low battery indicator and tool free jam release, and includes safety glasses and a carry case.

The N18DSL 18V 23 gauge stapler is a compact and lightweight tool, with an easily adjustable driving depth. With a length of 235mm, the N18DSL 18V pin nailer weighs just 1.7kg excluding its battery, so user fatigue is kept to a minimum. It also features an air shot prevention mechanism which is actuated when magazine holds fewer than eight staples, to prevent material damage.

The NP18DSAL 18V 23 gauge pin nailer features a reaction reducing device that minimises recoil. A smart push mechanism makes for a cleaner finish. The NP18DSAL also features a dial adjustment for driving depth.

Thanks to Li-Ion battery technology and brushless motors, roofing contractors can greatly benefit from the portability, safety and awesome power that cordless technology now offers.