Vivalda Group launches Clad Master video series

Peter Johnson, chairman of Vivalda Group
Peter Johnson, chairman of Vivalda Group

Vivalda Group is producing a series of videos to improve the construction industry’s understanding of issues such as cladding materials, fixing systems and fire safety specifications.

With contributions from GRC specialist Pura Facades, aluminium fabricator MSP (Scotland) and Vivalda itself, the first season of four short films aim to stimulate debate among specifiers and installers alike on a range of current cladding related topics.

The first Clad Master video covers the topic of achieving A-rating fire safety with coated aluminium cladding. With contribution from MSP’s general manager Gillian Thomson, this film explores the recent ‘A1 or nothing’ trend among specifiers and the surprising rise of PVDF coatings in place of well-established A-rated powder coated (PPC) solutions.

Other topics in the video series include ‘GRC Explained’, ‘Getting your fixings choice right’ and the ‘Three benefits of outsourcing cladding fabrication’.

Peter Johnson, chairman of Vivalda Group, said: “Once seen as a quiet backwater of construction, cladding is now a hot topic as far as architects, specifiers and contractors are concerned. However, while there is a huge appetite out there to understand more about the various materials, fixing systems and safety ratings relating to cladding – there is still a lack of knowledge of these topics.

“Our Clad Master series has been produced to encourage debate and improve understanding of important issues facing the building industry.”

The videos will be made available monthly from this month – with the first episode (from MSP Scotland) looking at fire safety ratings and coated aluminium cladding.

To view the first video in the Clad Master series, click here.