Werner Ladder features in Tate Modern art display

A Werner ladder is being used as a focal point of an art installation on display at London’s Tate Modern.

‘Seamless’, an artwork created in 1999 by American artist Sarah Sze and part of the Materials and Objects display in London, was initially displayed in Pittsburgh, USA at the Carnegie Internal Exhibition and is now on display in the UK. It incorporates functional human-scale objects, such as the Werner ladder, alongside a spirit level and lamp; accompanied by smaller items of miniature scale.

Sze has a background in both painting and architecture with ‘Seamless’ acting as a marriage of both mediums. The title of the piece alludes to the sculpture’s position in the gallery, meeting at the seams of the building.

Bushra Imtiaz, marketing manager at Werner, said: “It’s fantastic to see one of our key products being used in such an exceptional way. The art installation is visually striking, and we’re delighted to be featured in such a stunning piece of artwork.”

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