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NBS survey suggests industry is not BIM ready

Are you BIM ready? National BIM Survey reveals that only 10% of construction professionals believe the industry is ready to deliver on the Government’s 2016 requirements

Will the Government secure the fate of the UK steel industry?

British union Unite calls for Government to “keep the lights over the UK's steel communities burning” as Tata Steel announces decision to sell of Port Talbot plant

NIA demands urgent action on fuel poverty

National Insulation Association calls for “urgent cross-party debate” and “plan of action” on fuel poverty following Panorama report

Tata Steel confirms further 1,050 job cuts across UK

The British steel industry blames a flood of cheap imports for a further 1,050 redundancies made by Tata Steel

Are wage rises threatening the growth of the construction sector?

Increasing wages could push the cost of contracts “to the point of non-viability”

Industry in dismay at 2015 Spending Review announcements

Announcements of Government plans to replace ECO and reportedly build 400,000 poorly insulated homes have come as a shock to the industry

Government criticised by UN scientist over renewables policy

Chief scientist Prof Jacquie McGlade claims the Government is sending a ‘perverse signal’ on renewables as a third company closes as a result of planned cuts to solar

Renewed calls for energy efficiency to become an infrastructure policy

Open letter to George Osborne and Amber Rudd draws attention to new research that claims energy efficiency meets HM Treasury’s criteria for infrastructure

Government aims to increase apprenticeships with new proposals

New package of measures include apprenticeship levy, changes to Government procurement and new industry standards outlining skills needed across several apprenticeships

New home starts fail to impress in first Conservative quarter

Construction on 14% fewer homes began between April and June 2015 compared to previous quarter, but completions show positive growth