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Vivalda Group reflects on life after lockdown

Vivalda Group has released a series of five short videos which provide a snapshot of the industry in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Minister and CICV Forum urge construction industry to keep following safety...

Housing Minister Kevin Stewart has joined the Construction Industry Coronavirus (CICV) Forum in reminding the sector’s workers to stay COVID smart in their social lives and when travelling to and from jobs.

CICV Forum reminds construction workers to be COVID smart

The Construction Industry Coronavirus Forum has repeated its urgent call for industry workers to be COVID-19 smart in their social lives, by reminding staff to protect their colleagues by following physical distancing guidelines away from the workplace.

CICV Forum videos urge construction workers to be COVID-19 smart

As the easing of lockdown measures continues, the Construction Industry Coronavirus Forum has launched a new social media campaign, urging workers to stay safe in their social lives.

SIG’s new delivery tracking system goes live

SIG has enhanced its delivery process with SIG DTS (Delivery Tracking System), which is now available to all customers across the UK.

IMERYS Roof Tiles becomes EDILIANS

IMERYS Toiture has announced that it has changed its name to EDILIANS.

Zurich calls for thermal cameras to tackle ‘hot work’ blazes

Insurance firm Zurich is calling on contractors to adopt thermal imaging cameras to help slash the number of fires sparked by hot work.

CICV Forum’s animation provides workers with clear and simple guidance on...

The film entitled: ‘Working Together’ illustrates the positive day-to-day measures that workers in the construction industry can take to protect themselves, their colleagues and the wider community.

Freefoam launches video to acknowledge 30-year anniversary

Freefoam Building Products has launched a video to highlight and celebrate its 30-year anniversary. Featuring an interview with chairman and founding director Tony Walsh,...

Vivalda launches Breathe Easy campaign

The video aims to highlight the challenges faced by contractors.