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Green Homes Grant needs a radical overhaul to meet low emissions...

The recent announcement by the Environmental Audit Committee that the £2 billion Green Home Grant has seen only 20,000 vouchers issued since it opened last September, highlights that the policy needs a radical overhaul to succeed.

How to mitigate hazards on green roofs

Barry Eagle, managing director at GripClad, discusses some of the common hazards found on green roofs, and the best ways to mitigate the risks they pose.

Steps to take when a roof fails

A spokesman from Cavitech-UK explains what you should look out for when you see a roof failing and how the root of the problem can be removed.

A guide to SEO for roofing businesses

Nowadays, with most people using the internet to search for contractors, search engine optimisation (SEO) is becoming increasingly important. RCI talks with Kain Michael Jagger from Barbell SEO, to understand the best way of making sure your business stands out on a search engine results page.

How to correctly specify liquid-applied membranes

Sarah Spink, chief executive officer of the Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Association, explains how new resources and tools will ensure liquid-applied membranes are specified and used correctly.

Businesses must expect more flexible working requests

Employers might have to prepare for the flood of requests to change working conditions to accommodate those staff who have become accustomed to working away from the office.

Investing for future success

In an exclusive interview with Simon Benbow, managing director of Benbow Steels, RCI’s editor Nichola Farrugia finds out how the company’s expansion plans have fared over the course of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Fourth Industrial Revolution could restore Britain as a leading manufacturer

Whilst the UK has been an industrial leader for decades, shifting trends in manufacturing has meant output has been overtaken by several other countries. However, industrial technology is advancing and with the UK at the forefront, this could restore the country's industrial leadership.

Cordless nailers: Power and portability for roofing professionals

Thanks to incredible advances in battery technology and brushless motors, cordless power tool technology is transforming the way roofing contractors work, explains Nick Chan, marketing manager for HiKOKI Power Tools UK.

Mannok increases its earnings in 2020 despite challenges

Last year came with many challenges for the sector. The pandemic caused production availability issues and a lack of work put a financial strain on nearly every company. However, Mannok’s latest 2020 performance review showed a strong post lockdown recovery and a strong outlook for 2021.