Living elements could be the key to sustainable and affordable housing says supplier

living elementsMobilane has called for living plant elements to become a key design consideration when planning the construction of new affordable housing in the UK.

As the General Election campaign gets officially underway, the living systems developer and supplier has called on the main political parties to include green roofs and walls in their plans to combat the UK housing crisis.

Paul Garlick, national sales manager for Mobilane UK, said:

“The affordable housing debate will always focus on costing a nationwide programme of house-building. But for any programme to be truly sustainable and effective it must also consider quality of life for occupants and the best ways of getting value for money.

“It is widely accepted that issues such as energy efficiency are key to ensuring housing projects deliver true on-going affordability for occupants, and there has been excellent work done on ensuring modern affordable house designs incorporate the highest levels of energy efficiency. However, green space will be at a premium on affordable housing developments and this will have a negative impact on both quality of life and health. So the challenge is to find ways to incorporate living plant elements into house designs that do not demand too much space and which are both cheap and easy for occupants to maintain.”

Mobilane claims that incorporating living systems into UK housing could have substantial benefits to health, potentially removing some of the pressure building on the National Health Service (NHS).

Mr. Garlick added:

“Ensuring affordable housing does not contribute to ill health is vital if any national investment in affordable housing is to deliver true value. That’s why we are calling on all prospective parliamentary candidates to push for increased focus on incorporating plants into house designs and to remember that energy efficiency is not the be-all and end-all of affordable housing.”

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