Single green roof solution in one delivery

VerdiRoof VerdiRoof by Verdico offers a variety of coverings accommodated by a build up that can be delivered all in one go

SIG Design & Technology has launched a new green roofing system that arrives in a single delivery.

VerdiRoof by Verdico is available in a choice of coverings – ranging from sedum blanket, plug plants and seeding – with a growing medium that is proven to be carbon negative.

Easy to use, there is 10mý of VerdiRoof per pallet and up to 250mý can be delivered in one load. VerdiRoof is suitable for a warm / inverted roof build up, and its unique drainage system protects the waterproofing and helps sustain plant life.

SIG Design and Technology says VerdiRoof is even ?greener’ than other systems, and the growing medium for VerdiRoof is UK sourced comprising of pumice, bark compost, and a unique carbon capture pellet – which is a by-product of the UK aggregate and waste industry. In tests, the University of Greenwich found each cubic metre of extensive substrate to have a COý footprint of minus 7kg.