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Fly the flag for heritage roofing

By Janine Brady, marketing manager, SIG Roofing

A flexible solution from SIG Roofing

In this month’s article, Chris Page, product manager at SIG Roofing, explores the latest GRP innovations for the flat roof market.

Flat roof waterproofing – the choice is yours

Janine Brady, marketing manager for SIG Roofing, takes a look at the wide range of flat roofing options on offer to the market

Conservation roofing – what’s the issue?

Stuart Base, head of marketing at SIG Roofing, considers the issues surrounding roofing in conservation areas and encourages contractors to seek specialist help before embarking on such projects

How to right a wrong with new consumer legislation

By Janine Brady, marketing manager at SIG Roofing

SIG Roofing on new ways of working

With more than 100 sites now working at full capacity, among the first SIG Roofing branch to reopen its doors was Working. RCI’s Nichola Farrugia spoke with branch manager Lewis Dunn, to discuss the measures the store has put in place to ensure that it is correctly set-up to safeguard both its staff and customers, and also discuss what the new measures mean for the customer buying journey.

Unlock the potential of your business safely

Simon Johnson, UK director of credit management at SIG, is responsible for the recent launch of Business Finance Tools - a new financial package available to all SIG customers to help ensure they are protected and financed for future growth. In this article, he outlines how businesses can avoid any potential growing pains

Reputation is everything

Reputation is key when looking to attract customers

On the up: What a new decade means for the UK...

As the roofing sector faces up to a brand-new decade, it’s safe to say that 2019 will be viewed as a challenging and, at times, unpredictable period for the industry. But, as we look ahead to the 2020s, Richard Kendrick, marketing manager at SIG Roofing, suggests the sector has much to be optimistic about.

Is mechanical fixing home and dry?

By Janine Brady, marketing manager at SIG Roofing