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Conservation roofing – what’s the issue?

Stuart Base, head of marketing at SIG Roofing, considers the issues surrounding roofing in conservation areas and encourages contractors to seek specialist help before embarking on such projects

Reputation is everything

Reputation is key when looking to attract customers

Grow your business with digital marketing

By Janine Brady, marketing manager at SIG Roofing

Is mechanical fixing home and dry?

By Janine Brady, marketing manager at SIG Roofing

Be warranty-wise

Janine Brady of SIG Roofing outlines the key points you should look out for when it comes to product warranties

“Why investing in social media pays dividends”

Janine Brady, marketing manager at SIG Roofing, outlines her top tips for making the most of social media, plus explains why she feels it can’t be ignored

Flat roof waterproofing – the choice is yours

Janine Brady, marketing manager for SIG Roofing, takes a look at the wide range of flat roofing options on offer to the market

Customer service: why ‘good’ is not good enough

Janine Brady, SIG Roofing’s marketing manager, outlines the different factors roofing contractors need to consider in order to provide great customer service and improve their businesses

Fly the flag for heritage roofing

By Janine Brady, marketing manager, SIG Roofing

“How to succeed in roofing sales”

By Janine Brady, marketing manager at SIG Roofing